Meduza AI
Meduza AI prevents accidents on well-sites
Ai-powered system recognizes workplace violations on well-sites and prevent personnel accidents and injuries, lost time and production.
Automatic recognition of violent behavior and hazards
Leave objects on Monkey Board(Dropped objects hazard)
Stay on catwalk(and zones nearby) when moving drill pipe to the rig floor
Stop a rolling joint of pipe with foot or hand
Opening and closing the elevator until the traveling block comes to a complete stop
Dropped objects on rotary table (risks of falling it into the wellbore)
Stay between iron roughneck and wellhead while lowering of casing string
Compatible to existing CCTV system
Ai-powered workplace compliance control
Live video stream from on-site Ip-cam processes by neural networks to identify any deviations from the procedures, instructions and regulations.
Correct identification of 99% cases
Human underlook
Specially trained remote human supervisor reinsure machine outcomes to get accurate results and train model.
Telegram Bot, Dashboard, SMS, Sound/Light alarm
Instant alert to prevent accident
Once a violation is detected, the instant alert and an incident report are sent to responsible person on-site and company BI.
What will you choose?
  • Suffer from fatigue
  • Limited zones control at a the same time
  • High employee cost
    (salary + training + insurance)
From €10 000 / month
Proactive HSE approach
Meduza recognizes workplace violations on well-sites and prevent accidents.
Double check (ai + human) allows recognition accuracy close to 100%
The system of instant alerts allows to prevent accidents and reduce costs.
Learn how Meduza can significantly reduce accidents occurring on your well-site
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